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     Bowlers are members of a very special community. They are women, men, and youth from 5 to 95  ... friends and family who enjoy special times together - the fun, the excitement, the fellowship, and the healthy competition on the lanes. Then they shake hands and, in recognition of a job well done, respectfully  pat one another on the back and with renewed confidence and anticipation, look forward to the next time ... and all the next times to come. 
     For many, the bowling experience accentuates their life; it has evolved to become a shared endeavor, merging the challenges of physical conditioning with mental focus and self-discipline; and balancing the fun of competing with the joy of winning and the pain of defeat ... all the while remaining highly optimistic ... always knowing and forever believing ... believing that the next time is their time!
    They constantly strive to bowl better, to learn, to develop their technique, to improve, to persevere ... or to just have more fun and value the companionship and friendships even more and, yes, to enjoy more and more all that the sport of bowling has to offer.                 P. Hoffman

On  our website we will provide you with  up-to-date information on BOWLING events, achievements, tournaments, bowler profiles, and a variety of information to do with "Bowling in Mobile" ... everything from helpful information on improving your game, feature articles, special awards, bowling history, technical updates on equipment, to ideas and tips on how to better enjoy the sport of bowling ... and much more

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