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                     Services ...
Your Mobile Bowling Association  provides you with a variety of services, many of which are behind-the-scenes.  Following is a list of some of the things that your association is doing to better serve you and to bring more quality, consistency, and enjoyment to your bowling experience.
  • Annual USBC lane inspections to insure that the lanes you bowl on are in compliance with USBC specifications.
  • All bowlers and all leagues are set up by your association in the USBC national database so each bowler  and league is officially sanctioned.
  • Your averages are entered into this database at the end of every season so a certified record of bowler averages is readily accessible on
  • Your association hosts a variety of annual  tournament events that provides bowlers with an opportunity to compete in tournament play and earn special recognition ... and extra money.
  • Sponsors a Local Awards Program for bowlers of all skill levels.  Special, personalized recognition awards have been designed by your local association and are presented to bowlers who achieve a variety of qualified scores.  Go to the "AWARDS" tab for complete information about your Local Awards Program.
  • Provide guidance and assistance to league officers and bowlers with the interpretation, application, and enforcement of U.S.B.C. Playing Rules.
  • Your local association serves as a liaison between bowlers and U.S.B.C.
  • Hosts and sponsors an Annual Awards Banquet in recognition of bowlers and their special achievements. 
    Go to the "ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET" tab for more information.
  • Maintains and oversees a Mobile Bowling Hall of Fame. Go to the "HALL OF FAME" tab for complete information about the Mobile Bowling Hall of Fame.
  • Administers the U.S.B.C. National Honor Score Awards Program that recognizes bowlers for outstanding scores achieved (800 series & 300 games).
  • Actively promotes and encourages Youth participation in the sport of bowling and organizes Youth bowling leagues and tournaments.
  • Hosts and maintains your website for the Mobile bowling community where valuable and informative updates about local bowling activities and events are always available. 
  • Creates and distributes periodic Bowling In Mobile Newsletters to all sanctioned league bowlers that contain important and entertaining information about bowling activities and current events in Mobile.
  • Informs bowlers in Mobile about new developments and changes at U.S.B.C. as they occur.
  • Provides periodic bowling workshops to bowlers who want to improve their knowledge of the sport of bowling and/or their skill level.
Your Mobile Bowling Association  is always looking for ways to  improve and enhance your bowling experience and will continue to do so.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.