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About U.S.B.C. ...
The United States Bowling Congress officially launched January 1, 2005, as the organization to serve amateur adult and youth bowlers in the United States.  Today, U.S.B.C. serves some 2 million bowlers ... and through its 'Bowl For The Cure' program has raised millions of dollars for cancer research, and leads the way in youth bowling and veteran's assistance programs.

"Shaping the Future of Bowling"

There are many benefits to being a U.S.B.C. member.  Your membership contributes to, supports and impacts bowling activities throughout the world.  
  • Team USA represents YOU by competing against other countries internationally ... Team USA has won a total of 45 Gold Medals. 
  • USBC produces over 500 hours of live bowling coverage of college and national tournaments for both men and women.
  • For 118 years, USBC has been promoting and governing the sport, recognizing bowler achievements, and proving league and tournament playing rules.
  • USBC are partnered with over 20 companies to provide its members with advantages and discounts for a wide array of products and services.
  • The website contains a wealth of knowledge and information about every aspect of bowling from events, resources, streaming videos, and bowler records.  Over 3.1 visitors refer to every year.
  • USBC , through the SMART program, awards over $6 million in scholarships to youth bowlers.
  • Bowl For The Cure has raised over $9 million for cancer research and over $30 million for Bowl For Veterans.
  • USBC certifies all of the equipment used in bowling, including over 100,00 lanes every year.
  • The USBC Open Championships and Women's Championships attract over 80,000 bowlers and award over $7 million in prize money.   

USBC offers much more.  Go to the website and look through it.   In particular, go to MEMBER REWARDS for an overview of the benefits and services you are eligible for as a USBC member.   Also, go to WELCOME TO BOWLING.  Here you should ACTIVATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP ... and you can also view TIPS and TRAINING; JUST FOR FUN, and ABOUT YOUR MEMBERSHIP.  There is so much to enjoy and learn about.
Click  HERE  to see an overview of what USBC does for bowlers, our sport, and for many good causes.

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More About USBC ...
U.S.B.C. is the national governing body of bowling as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).  It is a membership organization that provides standardized rules, regulations and benefits to make bowling fair and fun for bowlers of all ages and skill levels.  U.S.B.C. stands for values that include commitment, innovation, integrity, inclusiveness, and competitive fun and sportsmanship.
MISSION: The U.S.B.C. is the National Governing Body for bowling.  As such, services, resources, and standards are provided.
VISION: To be the leading authority to the sport, servicing the needs of bowling.
PROMISE: The promise of U.S.B.C. is to celebrate the past, be mindful of the present, and ensure bowling's future through thoughtful research, planning, and delivery.  We will protect and nurture the sport with a mutual admiration and respect for all who enjoy the sport of bowling.
PROGRAMS & INITIATIVES:  In addition to numerous benefits, a membership in U.S.B.C. is an investment in bowling - an investment that helps ensure the future and vitality of the sport today ... and an investment in numerous programs and initiatives that foster the sport of bowling's continued growth and development.
  • Youth. Making bowling cool for kids through tournaments, scholarships, and leadership opportunities.
  • High School. The national resource for one of America's fastest growing high school sports.
  • Collegiate. Creating bowling opportunities to enhance the academic, athletic, and personal development of college students.
  • Coaching. Providing quality training programs and instructional tools so bowlers of all ages and skill levels can advance their skill level.
  • Team USA and Junior Team USA. Representing the United States in elite international bowling competition events.
  • Tournaments. More than a dozen national tournaments for youth, adults, and seniors of all skill levels.
  • Sport Bowling. Upholding the integrity of the game and providing the competitive bowling experience for those who are passionate about bowling.
  • Equipment Specifications and Certification. Testing and research that further advance the sport of bowling and enhance the sport's credibility.
  • SMART. Helping to organize, set-up, manage, and disburse youth bowling scholarships and assist youth bowlers in finding scholarship dollars for their continuing education.
  • Registered Volunteer Program. Ensuring the safety of youth bowlers by conducting background screening and rules of behavior for youth volunteers and coaches.
  • International Training & Research Center.  This state of the art facility, located at U.S.B.C. headquarters in Arlington, Texas, is the premier facility of its kind in the world today, dedicated to research and development in the sport of bowling and to the training, coaching, and skill development of bowlers - youth, amateur, and professional.
  • International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame.  Located at U.S.B.C. headquarters in Arlington, Texas, bowling's history is collected, preserved, researched, and displayed.  A  suitable home for bowling's major Hall of Fame is also provided, while promoting and providing visibility to the sport and the industry globally.
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